Past Alerts

Alerted on 02/04/14 @ 0.0019
163% Gain
Alerted on 01/31/14 @ 0.0024
566% Gain
Alerted on 01/24/14 @ 0.0020
745% Gain

Advance Strategies

OTC Fire is a leading research group focused on finding small and micro-cap companies, with unrecognized potential, that are grossly undervalued. By utilizing a series of advanced strategies, we are able to find these promising companies long before analysts and other research groups do.

Extensive Analysis

Our company conducts extensive analysis upon all companies that we discover using our advanced strategies. This ensures that we are focused on only the most promising companies and we only alert the stocks with the most upside potential to our subscribers.

Proven Results

Our members are experiencing our success firsthand. Through our rigorous research process we consistently provide quality information through our newsletter. The feedback we have received from our members regarding the profits they have made from our alerts motivates us to continue operating at a high level of excellence.